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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Etrade Canada Venting

Well just looked at my latest transaction from Etrade Canada and man am I pissed. I usually trade in American dollars so I haven't really noticed this before but the company is charging very excessive rates on my trades. I bought stocks yesterday when the exchange ratio was in the 1.12-1.125 CAD per USD range. Great. Etrade, however, actually ended up using an exchange ratio of closer to 1.143 on my purchase. That amounts to a ~2% grab just on the exchange ratio! That is huge! Consider that you will also pay ~2% on the way out as well. It makes it completely impossible to own stocks for anything less than years. A cigar butt with a 30% gain isnt' even worth your time as after Etrade takes it's bite you only have 26%.

I think these fees are excessive, swept under the mats and frankly I'm looking for a new online broker. IF anyone knows of one that doesn't charge massive exchange rates, let me know.