Special Situation Investing

Saturday, March 24, 2007

State Street Financial (SSFC) - Going Private Transaction

Well it's now official. After a shareholder vote, SSFC will be repurchasing from shareholders with fewer than 750 shares for $10 a pop. The stock closed around $8.60. I obviously didn't get rich off of this one but it was low risk and a high rate of return relative to the time I was invested.

More details on SSFC here.

Temple-Inland (TIN) - Split-up Announced

After prompting by Carl Icahn, Temple-Inland (TIN) has announced that they will be splitting up by year's end.

The forest-products company said Feb. 26 that it plans to split into three public companies and sell its timberlands by year-end.


But Jastrow is willing now to spin-off his company's financial services and real estate operations while keeping its manufacturing operations, which include packaging and building products. "Each of the three public companies - manufacturing, financial services and real estate - will be well positioned in the marketplace, have an appropriate capital structure and will benefit from greater strategic focus," Jastrow said in the release.