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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Nikko Cordial (NIKOY.PK) - Possible Delisting

Controlled Greed has some coverage of a possible delisting in a Japanese ADR, Nikko Cordial. I highly recommend you read the comments as that is where the real goodies are.


  • If Nikko Cordial were to lose its Tokyo Stock Market listing, what would happen to the ADRs?

    P.S. I recently 'discovered' your Special Situation Investing blog site and from what I've seen, I think it's great.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:48 PM  

  • The ADR's pretty much mirror what is happening overseas. Keep in mind that any large differences will be exploited by trader. If the stock gets hammered in Tokyo, it gets hit in America too.

    I only brought it up because if it does get delisted and the price drops, well that is immaterial to me. For the right price I would definitely be a buyer.

    By Blogger spinoff, at 3:44 PM  

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